Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Visa in hands

Yes! Indeed I do have my Visa in my possession!!* Finally! Despite the implications of applying for a Chilean Visa (including documents proving I am not a criminal!), the event of appearing in person (in Chicago) to claim it was ridiculously easy! In fact, we showed up a half-hour early and was in--signed paperwork, fingerprinted, then waited-- and out with Visa in hand before my actual appointment time. Amazing. 

Now, only two weeks! I need to stop counting time as I have a frightening list of things yet to do before I leave. I have received information of the family I will be living with and they sound like everything I have hoped for and more =) I'm stoked. 

*For those of you unaware of Visas, its actually a sticker (a very expensive sticker!) with all of my information pasted inside my passport. Thankfully I already had  my passport so no problems with that.