Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh how I will miss you

It's hard to believe in less than a month I will be returning to the states. It's unbelievable how time passes you by.. I already have a list created of all the things I have yet to do! Since I love lists, here is one:

Things I will surely miss from Chile:

1. fresh fruit and vegetables all the time
2. my host mother’s cooking
3. the friendly, caring people and their hospitality
4. gelato ice cream for 2$ USD
5. riding the micros (buses) everywhere
6. delicious bread!
7. someone to make my bed everyday (Thank you Erika!)
8. speaking Spanish but also speaking English without anyone knowing what I’m saying
9. guy friends carrying my backpack, waiting for the bus with me and/or walking me home at night (so sweet) =)
10. wine and its cost
11. spending hours in restaurants without feeling rushed to leave
12. hugs and kisses everyday
13. the complete lack of consciences of time
14. the immense beauty and creativity of this country
15. and of course, the staff of ISA, my host family and all the friends/amazing people that have made my experience here unforgettable