Saturday, March 6, 2010


A week ago today (February 27, 2010) the country of Chile experienced an 8.8 magnitude earthquake that took the lives of over 800 people and left thousands homeless. The earthquake has been estimated to affect over 2 million people throughout Chile. The destruction of this beautiful country is beyond unbelievable. When I discovered the news, I was devastated. The beautiful country where I had lived, went to school, and met amazing people was struck by a natural disaster that only took 90 seconds to destroy. I was at a loss for words. I was shocked. And I could not even have imagined how the people of Chile were and still are feeling and thinking...

Immediately I thought of all the people I know and met there. Since the earthquake, I have been in contact with those who were the most closest to me and everyone is alright, thankfully. I still think of those who I met throughout my experience that affected me in some way that I am not in contact with... all the children at Liceo Pedro Montt and their families, my professors, people I talked with on the street and those we met while traveling around and I hope that they are all okay, as well. As Alexis told me "Tu sabes que los chilenos nos caracterizamos por levantarnos cada ves que nos caemos..." (you know that Chileans, we characterize ourselves by standing up each time we fall...) Vamos Chile! FUERZA CHILE.