Friday, March 20, 2009

First Week of Class (and second too!)

My first week of classes was alright. It was a little stressful trying to find them and make sure I was in the right class and whatnot. It was like being a freshman all over again. Here in Chile, it’s normal to be 15 minutes late for everything so that concept helped. I really like my classes. I am taking all Spanish courses that focus on the language.

This last week was my second week of classes. I was really busy as I had HOMEWORK for the first time in a few months. However, it was real easy and nothing too time-consuming. The nice thing about my classes is that I don’t have to lock myself away and spend all night studying. It’s more about experiential learning, which is awesome. Yesterday (Thursday) in my Chilean Culture class we had to go out of the classroom and ask Chileans to give us definitions to words our professor had provided. The words were “Chilenismo”, which is the language here; different from Spanish. We had to ask them what the word meant and to use it in a sentence. Most of the words were provocative and inappropriate so that made for a good time. It was super intimidating and scary to approach other Chilean students in such a way. Most of them laughed at us since we didn’t know what we were asking in Spanish anyway. Haha It was fun though.

I really like all of my professors too. They already know our names! The professors here are so laid back. They wear jeans to class and answer their phones in the middle of lecture too. Definitely not what I’m used to but it definitely takes pressure off trying to be formal in situations.